How to Grow Your Hotel Business with a Good. Reservation Management Software

Finding out how to grow your hotel business, no matter how large or small, established or experienced, is essential if you want to continue to attract guests and increase profits.

In this article, we’re going to look at how you can do so with quality reservation management software. Notepad at the ready.

What is reservation management software?

Reservation management software is understood as the software tools that automate and organise operations in your hotel. It’s often known as hotel PMS software (property management system), or HMS software (hotel management system).

Whichever name it goes by, though, the goal is always the same: to streamline and professionalise your hotel business operations, in turn saving time, effort and costs, and increasing profits.

Its remit stretches across all operations. Need an easy-to-use process for making, changing and managing reservations? There’s software for that. Need to integrate all the channels you use to attract bookings to your hotel? There’s software for that. Do you have multiple properties, a large number of employees, or various areas of your business generating revenue (from restaurants to spas)? There’s software that can make the solutions to all your needs more efficient, and it’s all included in reservation management software (PMS).

How can hotel management software help grow your business?

The benefits of good reservation management software are endless. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages it provides:

Benefits of reservation management software (PMS)

  • Customer relationships. Managing the relationship between you and your guests is hotel management. If your customers are happy, everybody’s happy. A good customer experience, one where things are made easy for them and without hiccups (which is exactly what PMS software does – say goodbye to double bookings and cancellations), will mean they are more likely to come back again and more likely to spread the word too.
  • Housekeeping. On a similar note, with good software at your disposal, you
    can say hello to responsive service. A good reservation management system will mean staff and management can more efficiently respond to and monitor jobs needing doing.
  • Back-office management. Back-office management is the building block of any successful hotel. Efficient management behind the scenes results in a professional looking front and a content workforce. Shifts, salaries, annual leave and absences can all be managed with software that can be integrated to help you plan for how to best cater to bookings and the day-to-day running of your hotel.
  • Analysis. Reservation management software also helps with analysis. This is key if you’re looking to find out what parts of your hotel business are doing well and what’s struggling, when this is occurring and why. To grow your business, you need to know where and how you can grow.
  • Direct bookings. A good booking engine makes things simple for potential guests. If they have an easy-to-use means of booking directly from you, one that they can trust, you can cut out the costs of using third-party booking channels (, Airbnb, etc.)
  • Integration. As your hotel grows, so too will your need for integration. A good hotel management system will need to be fully integrated, meaning all the software you might need working together in real-time: channel management, booking engine, booking management, CRM, and more. This integration will create efficiency. No more struggling to manage multiple properties across multiple devices or mix-ups across channels and programmes.

Of course, this is only touching the surface of a wide range of potential benefits.


Managing the relationship between you and your guests is hotel management. If your customers are happy, everybody’s happy.

The best hotel management software

So, now we know how much a good PMS software can help your business (or, at least, just some of the benefits it can provide), the next step is to find out the best PMS software to choose.

For the best PMS software, Avirato has you covered. All those benefits we looked at above? Avirato’s software does that and more.

Avirato is Spain’s leading hotel technology provider, helping over 8000 customers with 46 million bookings a year across 35 countries. And we haven’t got there for nothing. What these facts entail is experience in finding the solutions you need, down to every last detail.

What’s more, if you’re wondering how to grow your hotel business, yet are still weighing up any investment required, Avirato has a free PMS software trial. It’s understandable to want to see the benefits in action for yourself, and I’m sure that after Avirato’s 30-day free PMS trial you’ll be left asking what you did without it.

Grow with quality, state-of-the-art, trusted software. Grow with Avirato.

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