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Free PMS

No fees, no commissions

Free Hotel Management Program

Try the hotel management program and save time and work from the first day.

Free basic version

Our PMS is completely free and without maintenance fees or commissions in its basic version.

Improvements and continuous updates

We trust that the improvements and the quality of the PMS cover the most demanding needs and adapt to any type of business.

Guaranteed quality of service

Our business model is based on the quality of the service we offer and on specific tools that respond to the personalized needs of our clients.

Adaptation and evolution

Avirato is a dynamic company and our products adapt and evolve continuously to the needs that arise in the global hotel market.

Can we help you?

We advise you on the configuration and the first steps of the tool, so that you get the best out of it.

Access all the features with the Premium Version

Try all the power of having an ALL IN ONE tool with Channel Manager, POS, Booking Engine, Hotel Management and Revenue Manager.