Yield Management

Automate your accommodation prices

Welcome to the age of automation. With this new tool, you will be able to create customised rules to raise and lower the price of your spaces based on occupancy and date.

Set your prices in minutes

Configure and create rules to raise and lower the prices of your accommodation based on the date and occupancy in real time, we will take care of the rest for you.

Yield management pour les hôtels

Create custom rules based on the conditions you want.

By seasons

Thanks to this new tool, we offer you the possibility to create seasonal rules. Let’s go for it!

By category

Are any of your accommodations generating more interest from your customers? Set up a rule only for the categories you want.

By channels

Does each OTA charge you a different commission? Well, with this fabulous tool, you will be able to increase and decrease prices according to the channel you want.

By days of the week

Do you want the discount or increase not to apply to a specific day of the week? Select only the days you want.