Booking Centre + Booking Engine

Start receiving bookings in minutes

Optimise your business by organising the layout of your zones and categories to simplify the booking process and increase conversion.

Organise and configure your control centre in just a few minutes

Configure the new Booking Centre to offer your rooms, services and rates in a more attractive and organised way.

With the highest conversion rate in the market

The easiest, most user-friendly, and customisable booking system
 100% integrable on your website 

The easiest booking process for guests and most profitable for your business.

At Avirato we maximise the benefits of your bookings, that’s why we don’t charge you any commissions or surcharges for extra channels.

Reduces setup time by

10 %

Structure your business visually

Thanks to this new interface, we offer you a clear and hierarchical view of your business, organised by Spaces, Levels and Categories.

New "Drag and Drop" system

Streamline the organisation of the reservation centre, creating levels and categories within your business.

Unified view of levels and categories

We know that reflecting your business as it is online can be complicated, that’s why at Avirato we have worked to make this task easier for you, unifying everything you need in a single view.

Direct access panel to the categories

Check the categories at a glance and quickly find what you are looking for.