A Free Channel Manager

Channel managers make things easier. They help hotels and small rentals organise and analyse their bookings, lifting the workload and doing so efficiently. They help potential guests avoid the heartbreak of overbooking and unpleasant experiences.
They make things better for everyone.

When you look at the benefits of a channel manager, at the whole host of things they can do for you and your business, the need to get one becomes evidently imperative. But if you haven’t used a channel manager before, it can be tricky to know which one to choose and if it’s the right one for you.

How does a channel manager work? You might ask. Is there such a thing as free channel manager software? If so, which is the best free channel manager software, and is the free channel manager for hotels or holiday apartments?

You might have a lot of questions, and reasonably so.

In this article, we’ll talk you through what you need to know, what you should look for, and how to find it.

When you look at the benefits of a channel manager, at the whole host of things they can do for you and your business, the need to get one becomes evidently imperative.

How does a channel manager work?

If you’re just starting out on your journey with channel managers, you’ll want to be clued up on exactly how they work. This way, you’ll know exactly how they can benefit you.

Above all, channel managers increase your bookings. And that’s the aim at the end of the day, right? More bookings mean happy guests, and happy guests mean happy hoteliers.

The reason for this is simple.

Potential guests don’t just book through a hotel’s own website. No matter how impressive the website is, or how big the brand is, whether large or small hotel, B&B or holiday apartment, the fact of the matter is that channels like Booking.com and Airbnb are often the primary route customers are going to find you.

Because of this, and due to the fact that there is a whole multitude of channels you can use to advertise your business, management of your channel routes is essential.

The best channel managers can synchronise your channels and link them up with your own website too, meaning your days of over and double booking are gone. They’ll also help you analyse and customise offers and rates depending on the channel and property. And all from one central system.

As you can see, the potential benefits of a channel manager are endless. And we’ve
only looked at a few features.

Are there free channel managers?

Of course, it can still feel like a big leap to start using a channel manager if you’ve never done so before. You need to be sure it’s right for you.

And that’s where free channel manager software comes in. A free channel manager for hotels and holiday apartments would let you demo the software and see first- hand the benefits it can bring.

Does such a thing exist? Enter, Avirato.

The best free channel manager software

Avirato’s PMS software demo includes a free channel manager for hotels and holiday apartments. You read that correctly.

As Avirato’s PMS software integrates multiple technologies to meet each and every need you might have on one central system, when you take a trial of Avirato PMS, you can trial the channel manager, booking engine and revenue management too.

And not only that, Avirato’s channel manager is the best free channel manager for hotels and holiday apartments on the market.

Why is it the best free channel manager for hotels? Because Avirato is Spain’s leading hotel technology provider. And being leaders, the products are the best you can get.

Look at just a few of the features:

  • Real-time syncing of channels, meaning you can maximise your occupancy and avoid overbooking.
  • Detailed channel analysis and performance result reports, to help you spot trends, understand where you’re over and underperforming, and make smarter business decisions all round.
  • Pricing, restriction and promotion customisation, for risk-free personalisation that works for both you and your guests.
  • Multi-property function, because all business, no matter how large or small, should and can benefit from channel management.
  • PMS integration, meaning everything is simple to use and streamlined in one place.
  • Constant updates, letting you connect to the most relevant booking channels, always.
  • Unrivalled support, because our expertise can help your business reach new heights.

If you’re looking for a free channel manager software that will let you demo the product, trial its features, and see first-hand the benefits it’ll bring you, look no further. Avirato has you covered.

You won’t be alone, Avirato has helped over 8000 customers in 35 countries with over 46 million bookings a year.

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