Channel Manager

Connect availability and rates to more distribution channels

Our Channel Manager connects with the most relevant booking channels in the market, besides it is integrated into our PMS and booking engine to manage efficiently using one central system.

Channel Manager
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Avirato’s Channel Manager streamlines day-to-day operation, reduces costs, and increases revenues.

It will be synchronized to all channels without additional charges.

Our team will support you through the channel’s synchronization process to all channels you require.

Set restrictions, stops sells and create offers without risks.

It allows you to set rates and id channels. Also specialized in multi-property businesses.

Advertise your business in different currencies.

Our Channel Manager within Avirato PMS, to centralize all management in the same reservation system.

Detailed channel and performance reports, so you can identify booking trends and make smarter pricing and distribution decisions.  

Maximize your occupancy and prevent overbooking since it will be always synced in real-time.

Find out which sales channels are the most suitable for your hotel business.

Our Channel Manager is in permanent development to be always updated with new booking channels.

Eliminate time spent manually updating each of your channel extranets.

Grow your occupancy and increase your revenue by connecting to and being visible on the most relevant online channels for your hotel, hostel, B&B, or resort.

Avirato Channel Manager

Comienza a recibir reservas de Google Hotel Ads con Avirato

Consíguelo gratis, exclusivo para clientes de Avirato.

Millones de viajeros de todo el mundo buscan hoteles en Google todos los días. Las reservas recibidas a través de Google, son reservas directas, sin intermediarios ni comisiones.

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Discover the advantages of our Channel manager and how help increase bookings.

Do you want to be the first in Google searches?

We will explain to you without any obligation what it is and how you can benefit from Google Hotel Ads.