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Avirato’s technology and resources help teachers and students in tourism to develop and achieve their goals. From your first day at university until you find the job of your dreams, we’ll be there for you.

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Why Avirato schools?

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The transformation of technological processes are key factors to the development of new solutions and tools for day to day Universities and Higher Education Programmes.

Thus, from Avirato we are glad to manufacture great software for training focused in the hotel sector. So, to serve and support University Professors and Doctors Programmes.


100% free for students.

Our goal is to promote education with professional tools that are useful for your future and do so at no cost to them.


We provide our software for students to be trained on a real evironment at hospitality management as front desk and back-end solutions. We believe that your students will take out the best rate of conversion in terms of managing a real reservation system.

Welcome to the world of Avirato Schools!

Who is avirato for?

For students seeking comprehensive training in software engineering and product development with a focus on the hospitality industry.

For students with a keen interest in the tourism sector and an eye for aesthetic detail, a finishing school for user experience professionals.

Avirato escuela universitaria con PMS

Experience with Avirato

Find out how Sara Vilar, teacher and coordinator of the MASTERD hotel and tourism school, uses Avirato technology with her students.

Avirato Students Programme

With Avirato Schools you are to be trained with software solutions, tools and systems for ACCOMMODATION MANAGEMENT, like hotel chains, tourist apartments, rural houses and any type of hotel / accommodation business management.

Avirato is the complete solution, all in one PMS, Booking Engine, channel manager, Revenue Management, People Management and many other related tools needed to manage a property or multi-property environments.

Practical exposure to real work.

Dynamic structure of the curriculum.


Booking management program all in one, on desktop and app.


To enhance direct booking from the establishment's website.


Development of the strategy and image of the hotel business.


To enhance direct booking from the establishment's website.


Manage and retain all your customers in an integrated way.


Smart price calculation based on market and competition.

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  • Make it easy for teachers to find educational resources and track grades.
  • Provide students with access to practical material for their professional development