The most complete POS hotel software.

POS for restaurants, integrated with the reservation form

POS for restaurant

With Avirato POS you will dispose of the ideal tool to manage your restaurant, cafeteria, bar or cocktail bar.

It can be established in all kinds of accommodations: vacational, urban, resorts, with spa and balneary… Allowing you to achieve charges from your restaurant to the rooms or to agencies or company’s accounts.


Graphic view of the status of the tables and associated orders: available, occupied, etc.


Multiple ticket creation according to the tables, the areas and the company’s fees/rates.



Control of charges for different payment methods and a great variety of currencies.


Detailed activity and sales reports that can be exported simply in Excel format.

CRM hotel

100% Integrated

Complete integration natively with the Avirato PMS Hotel Management Software.


Creation/Modification of articles and categories at any time, format and rate.

Download now for FREE the Avirato POS App created for tactile screens on any device.

Download now for FREE the Avirato POS App created for tactile screens on any device.


Use the POS from any device because it adapts to any type of screen, this way you will be able to use your Point of Sale Terminal from any Tablet or Android mobile and take orders in a simple way.

Avirato multi-device restaurant POS system
Avirato responsive restaurant POS

For all platforms

Take orders and charge tickets quickly from a tactile screen on any type of device.

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Start with just 3 steps:

1. Download POS for hospitality
2. Install it
3. Start using it