Booking Engine

Increase your direct sales. 0% Commissions.

Booking Engine

Increase your bookings and convert travellers into guests straight from your website.

The most intuitive and advanced hotel web booking management platform on the market.

Our Booking Engine is a calendar that integrates into the hotel’s website so that customers can book directly 24 hours a day.

Moreover, the unique thing about this Booking Engine is that it is fully integrated and synchronised with Avirato PMS or proprietary hotel management software and Channel Manager, so you will not have several platforms to manage your property.


Facilitates the booking process

Simplified two-step conversion to reduce abandonment rate. Within seconds the customer can search compare choose and book.

Beyond responsive

Unlike other booking engines, we offer a specific and independent desktop-tablet service for smartphones, perfecting the user experience and improving conversion.

Decisive images

A more attractive image to highlight your business because:

“A picture speaks a thousand words”

Adaptable to your business

Adaptable to the way you sell, with an elegant, friendly and current design. Customise:

  • Logo
  • Images
  • Colours


Offer extra products and/or services so that guests who want to add them to their booking can turn it into a unique experience.

Offers and discounts

Generate offers for your guests directly from your PMS with the duration and limitations of your choice.

Promotional packages

Design special packages, with added services and products to attract your guests and increase the value of your average ticket.

Your customer's journey starts on the search engine.

Price comparison

We show all prices in the calendar to make the booking choice faster and easier.

Apply promotional codes

A competitive advantage over your operators, allowing you to offer better prices to your customers so that they book directly through your website.

Transform your benefits into bookings

+ Marketing + Promotions + Sales

Offer a secure and controlled checkout process

Payment gateway integration in Booking Engine

Payment gateway integration in Booking Engine

We offer you the most secure and widely used payment gateway on the internet, with a simple, direct and fast integration. Define the advance payment and subsequent amounts to be charged and our engine takes care of validating the card details and processing the payment. It will also send messages to the traveller with a record of their payments.

Total synchronisation

Booking Engine, PMS and Channel Manager synchronised.

It integrates with Avirato PMS and all its tools to boost the Upselling and Crosselling of your hotel. Both room availability and prices, as well as customer confirmation, either by e-mail or SMS will be automated and in real time, you will be able to communicate automatically with your guests and be informed of everything related to their bookings.

Sell several accommodations from the same website

Multi-Hotel Booking Engine.

On the same platform you will be able to manage several hotels on the same website, centralising the management of all your bookings and allowing you to save a lot of time in controlling them.

Integrations with the main sales tools

Enjoy the most useful integrations for your business,
sales and management tools that will boost your sales.

Integration with WordPress

Integration with Facebook

Integration with SMS

Integration with Google Analytics

Geolocalization with Google Maps

Satisfaction surveys

Integration with Google Tag Manager

Diverse range of local currencies

Multiple languages

Improve and increase your sales
with Avirato's booking engine

Can be integrated into any website, from large chains to independent hotels.
Complete design and adaptation of the Booking Engine with your website.

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