The best tool to promote your business.

Improve customer loyalty with email marketing

Take your business to a higher level

Take your business to a higher level

Increase sales, save time and money, and obtain clients.

At Avirato we offer an automated marketing tool focused on the hotel sector. You will be able to send mailing campaigns to your clients with attractive designs thanks to your personalized templates. Through the Marketing Email tool for hotels, you can handle emails sent to clients that you have in our hotel management software or that come through the reservation motor or other channels.

Send your clients special deals, offers and discounts.

Increase your sales with the different tools.

Improve relationships with customers.

Obtain customer loyalty in a more effective way.

Personalize your Marketing Email campaigns.

Use your hotel’s logo to personalize all communications.

Increase conversions.

Increase the conversion rate and decrease the bounce rate.

Better than social media.

Obtain a higher conversion rate than on social media.

More traffic on your Web.

Increase your site’s visits and gain relevance in searches.

We will help you set up Avirato for your business.

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The best tool to promote your business.

Take the most advantage of the Marketing emails with this tool, useful to increase sales, save time and most importantly, gain clients.

Improve communication with attractive designs thanks to personalized templates

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