How to Attract More Guests to Your Hotel

Potential guests make reservations in two ways. One, directly through your website. Two, through their favourite chosen channel.
But with so many hotels to choose from, it’s important your hotel is the most attractive option out there.
How? You make things simple.

Easy to find, easy to use, up to date web design

Good hotel web design gives guests confidence in their booking and makes their experience positively easier. For this, there are 3 essentials:

  • SEO positioning. When a client searches on Google, SEO ensures your hotel’s website shows up at the top of the results. No more getting lost in the abyss.
  • Corporate image. To give potential clients confidence, your website needs to be professional and to sing your brand values. They need to know exactly what they’re getting.
  • Functionality and design. OK, so they like the look of your hotel, now they need an attractive, easy to use and functional website so they don’t have to look anywhere else.

Unlike competitors, Avirato does all that and more. Constant updates? Check. Own email addresses? Check. Details count. It’s no wonder we’re Spain’s leading hotel technology company.

Good hotel web design gives guests confidence in their booking and makes their experience positively easier

A synchronised and streamlined channel manager

Of course, a hotel’s website isn’t the only way to make reservations. Channels like Airbnb or Expedia are often the primary route for clients finding you.

Yet with countless channels, bad management can lead to overbookings and unpleasant customer experiences.

Luckily, channel manager software can make this easy.

Avirato’s channel manager not only syncs sales channels together in real-time, letting you can maximise your occupancy, it also provides detailed analysis and performance results, meaning you can identify booking trends and formulate smarter pricing.

Being a leader in the field, Avirato has a plethora of software solutions, meaning your Channel Manager is synchronised with your PMS and Booking Engine too (to name just a few).

Why Avirato?

To truly make a difference – and in turn attract guests – your tech needs to be professional, easy to use, streamlined and synchronised. In other words, it needs to be Avirato.

Do you want to be the first in Google searches?

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