What Is a Hotel PMS?

A family of four arrive. They’re tired, it’s been a long journey, and all they want to do is check in. The front desk checks their list. Nope. Check-in isn’t until tomorrow. And the restaurant reservation? Oh, there’s no reservation here. The family insists. It’s today.

Front desk calls management, who don’t have a record of the guests with them in their office. So they call the housekeeping to see if the room is free. No answer. The restaurant? No answer either. Apologising, the front desk staff head out to find out for themselves. This isn’t the first time it’s happened.

All the while, the guests are waiting. They’re not having the best experience.

Sound familiar? You need a good hotel PMS.

What is a Hotel PMS?

A hotel PMS (which stands for Property Management System) is a hotel management system that automates the operational processes of your hotel. But it’s not just for checking in and restaurants, PMS software can help manage guest activity, work as a booking engine, control channel management and revenue management, and build customer relationships.

Hotel PMS software automates repetitive tasks and streamlines access to all the data you need on one system. Need to manage rooms, restaurants, spas, gyms and parking? From multiple devices, in multiple properties, in multiple locations? With different rates and discounts in each? How about integrating this with third-party booking channels in real-time? PMS software does it all. Well, Avirato’s PMS does.

From the smallest boutique the largest hotels, everyone can benefit from a good hotel management system.

Hotel PMS software automates repetitive tasks and streamlines access to all the data you need on one system.

Hotel PMS benefits

As you’ll have seen in the example above, there’s a lot going on in hotels. A lot of processes and scenarios to manage. A lot of things that can go wrong. But, with a good hotel management software, this also means there’s also a lot of things that can go right. Let’s look at a couple:

• Integrating channel management. Avirato’s PMS software integrates your channel management into a single streamlined system. From Booking.com to Airbnb, all your reservations will be synced up.

Improved revenue management and analysis. This tool gives you greater control over the ins and outs of reservation management, from payment methods to the weather, plus detailed competitor analysis and reports – including prices, ADR, RevPar, GopPar, PickUp, Rate Shopper and more – so you can always stay ahead of the game.
POS software. It’s not just for reservations. Avirato’s POS software solutions are the most complete on the market, allowing you to manage all kinds of facilities simply and easily, and it’s integrated into the larger PMS.

Always up-to-date. The hospitality industry is always changing. Which is why our software is always kept up to date and adapted to your needs.

CRS for multiple properties. Managing multiple properties in different locations is easy with a centralised PMS. Our software lets you securely access all operations from anywhere, and on any device. Setting different rates according to the location and season can increase your profit margins, and it couldn’t be simpler.

Of course, this is only the tip of the iceberg. With Avirato’s PMS software benefits extend to safe and extra secure access, analysis of prices and trends, personalised and automated customer communication, real-time housekeeping status and control, guest surveys, and more.

Which hotel PMS software is best for you?

You already know the answer. The benefits of a good hotel PMS are endless, for both you and your guests. And that’s what Avirato is here for – to help you run your hotel better, and to make things easier. We’ve helped over 8000 customers, with 46 million bookings a year, in 35 countries.

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