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Booking Engine

Increase your direct sales. 0% Commissions

Booking engine

Increase your reservations and convert travelers into guests from your website.

Increase your direct sales. 0% Commissions

Booking engine

Increase your reservations and convert travelers into guests from your website.

The reservations management platform from the most intuitive, advanced and economical hotel website in the market

Our Booking Engine is a calendar that is integrated into the website of the hotel so that customers can book directly 24 hours a day. In addition, the peculiarity of this booking engine is that it is fully integrated and synchronized with PMS Avirato, or hotel management software and Channel Manager, so you will not have several platforms for managing your property.

Promotional codes

You can generate codes to make your offer more attractive and encourage direct booking from your website.

Offers and discounts

Generate offers for your guests directly from the engine with the duration and limitations you desire.

Promotional packages

Design special packages, with added services and products to attract your guests and increase the value of your average ticket.

Additional features

Offer extra products and/or services so that guests who want to add them to your reservation can also complete it.

Integration of payment gateway in Booking Engine

100% secure payment gateway

We offer you the most secure and used payment gateway on the internet, with a simple, direct and fast integration. Define the down payment and subsequent amounts receivable. Our engine is responsible for validating the card data and processing the payment.

It will also send messages to the traveler with the registration of their payments.

Synchronized Booking Engine, PMS and Channel Manager

Total synchronization

It is integrated with PMS Avirato and all its tools to enhance the Upselling and Crosselling of your hotel. Both the availability of rooms and prices, as well as the confirmation of the client –either by e-mail or SMS will be done automatically and in real time–, will be able to communicate automatically with their guests and find out everything related to their reservations.

Multi-Hotel Booking Engine

Sell several accommodations from the same Web

On the same platform you can manage several hotels on the same website, thus centralizing the management of all your reservations and allowing you to save a lot of time.

We help you set up Avirato for your business

We advise you on the functions Avirato has and how to implement it in your business.

Integrations with the main sales tools

Enjoy the most useful integrations for your business, as well as sales and management tools that will boost your sales.

Integration with WordPress

Download the Avirato plugins for your Website and insert your booking calendar and promotional packages in a visual, complete and simple way.

Integration with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager

Verify in real time the performance of your booking engine.

Integration with Facebook

So that your fans can book from the most popular social network just by pressing a button.

Geolocation with Google Maps

So that from the booking engine your clients can see the address or addresses of your hotel business.

Integration with WordPress

Integration with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager​

Integration with Facebook​

Geolocation with Google Maps​

Language diversity and local currencies

Offer your guests the option to book in their language and currency. You will have reservations from all over the world.

Newsletter templates

Customize your reminders, thank you and confirmation emails… taking care of communication with all your customers.

Integration with SMS

Maintain direct communication with your customers through SMS on your mobile phone.

Valuation surveys

Publish the best opinions on your website and receive first-hand feedback.

Newsletter templates​

Language diversity and local currencies

Valuation surveys​

Integration with SMS​

Compatible with all your devices

Customize the appearance of the booking engine to match the corporate image of the establishment or chain.

It can be integrated into any Web page, from large chains to independent hotels. Design and complete adaptation of the Booking Engine with your Web.