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The smart reservation management software with the highest conversion rate​

Designed for accommodation of all types. 
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Avirato PMS
Channel Manager hotel
Booking management software with Channel Manager

Channel Manager

Fast, easy and commission free

Increase your occupancy rate exponentially by including your business on the most important booking channels, without having to worry about overbooking problems ever again. By automating this synchronisation process between the main channels you will save time and control the status of all your bookings from the same management software. 

Booking engine

Gain bookings, increase control.

Increase your booking revenue exponentially. Thanks to our Crosselling and Upselling systems, conceived and designed especially for the hotel sector, you will be able to increase your bookings and increase the value of the average ticket and the satisfaction of your customers, thus making sure the offer of your establishment is complete.

Booking engine
Booking engine hotels
Property Management System
PMS Hotel


Booking manager software

Automate all your reservation management processes. Avirato manages the communication with all your accounts, automates Check In / Check Out, payments and guest reviews, rooms, INE submissions and document reading. A great help to increase your productivity, save time and put an end to duplicate bookings between your sales channels.


Multi-property management software

A management software for all types of accommodation. With our hotel management software, you can keep your business under control, whatever the type of your business, whatever type of property you manage.


Hotel management software


Management software for apartments

Rural houses

Management software for rural houses


campsite management software

Your business success managed using a single software

PMS Hotel

All the tools so you don’t waste time working in a way that is tailored to the size of your business.


Channel Manager

Keep the bookings of all your channels in sync, always.

Booking Engine

The best way to increase direct bookings through your website. 


Web design

Increase the visibility of your establishment, as well as direct bookings without third party commission. 


Online shop

Build your online shop in minutes and in a scalable way. 


Revenue Management

Always keep your rates up to date and competitive with your competitors. 

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What we have noticed with the work we have done with Avirato is that we have made an important qualitative leap. Avirato helps us, is reliable and provides us with tools that facilitate our day-to-day work and, above all, security.
"We have been pleasantly surprised by Avirato, because people don't even give us their ID card anymore, they check in online, enter the traveller's details, arrive at the hotel and only have to pick up their key. Then they write me a message: "Belén, everything is fine, everything is perfect" and I love it!
It's fast, the changes and the synchronisation with OTAs are immediate, it's very stable. I value stability very highly in a computer system and it's one of the most stable I've found.
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