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Have you ever wondered what your hotel would look like when you’re not around to observe the day-to-day running of your business? Let our software take care of your business, while you focus on your guests.

We will help you grow your business with tools like our PMS, Revenue Management, Channel Manager, Booking Engine and much more.

software de gestion para hoteles

The best software, with the best hotel management.

A smarter way to manage your hotel

With our hotel PMS software, you can be sure that there is no need for an expert on the ground: our intelligent system automatically generates all reports and statistics for you.

Save time and money with every booking process

We know that booking rooms is a tedious job, let us do it for you. With our hotel management software, we make sure that all guests are welcomed in a warm and welcoming manner.

¡Tu negocio está en buenas manos con nosotros!

With our booking engine you can help travellers discover which hotel offers the most services for their budget. Download a product and take a completely free trial. Then request a demo of another product that meets your needs.

Gestor de canales

More than 40 OTAs, manage your hotel rooms, in a very short time through our automatic synchronisation tool, so that you only have to change the price once and Avirato does the rest for you.

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Why choose the best hotel management software for your business?

What are the benefits of using a hotel PMS?

Tourist hotels, hostels or guesthouses, it doesn’t matter, with all our integrated features, whatever your type of accommodation, you can easily and simply promote and automate your properties, so while we take care of everything for you, you can focus on what really matters most – your customers.

Our software is designed for hotels that want to increase their bookings. It helps you manage your hotel and increase your revenue.

We have a lot of advantages for the hotel world:

Time-saving tools and plans

Our hotel management software allows you to set up flexible pricing plans, so you can keep guests coming back, with a variety of discounted and incentive rates.

Hassle-free booking in just a few clicks

With our booking engine, you can make reservations quickly without the hassle of phone calls or emails, saving time and money!

Powerful, customisable and scalable

Be the best at what you do with our state-of-the-art software that provides the ultimate solution for managing your hotel's reservations, events and marketing.

Competition? No, sir.

With the Revenue Management tool, you will have a real-time view of your price and that of your competitors, so you can keep up to date with the demand in your area and the price of rooms, thus attracting many more guests to your holiday hotel.

Wherever you are.

Need to make a change and you're not at home or in the office? You can download our mobile app and manage your hotel from anywhere and at any time.

Safety at its best.

We care about your security as much as we care about our own, for this reason and much more, we handle the main protocols of PCI-DSS. Complete security when your customers make electronic payments through platforms such as Paypal or Mercadopago.

Hotel management software that is easy to use and understand, yet powerful enough to take your hotel business to a new level.

Powerful, customisable and scalableable

Be the best at what you do with our state-of-the-art software that provides the ultimate solution for managing your hotel’s reservations, events and marketing.

Hotel management software is a tool that helps hotels save time and money. It provides a better way to manage your properties and make sure they run smoothly.

PMS hotel management software is an application that helps hotels in their day to day operations. It helps front desk and housekeeping staff to manage their tasks more efficiently. They can also use it to generate reports on how well they are doing, which can help them improve.

More than 2,500 hoteliers trust us.

Boost your business

PMS hotel Avirato is a hotel management software that enables hotels to make better decisions by providing them with guest data.