Price Comparison in your Booking Engine

Can you imagine showing your customers that you offer better rates than the OTAs?

Comparateur de prix Avirato

At Avirato we work to offer our clients the best tools integrated in an outstanding and always up-to-date Hotel Management System. That is why we now offer you the new Hotel Price Comparator for your Booking Engine, designed to encourage direct bookings by always offering the best price compared to the sales channels you have connected.

Hotel price comparator, what are the advantages?

offrir le meilleur prix sur le moteur de réservation

Always offer the best price

At a quick glance your customers will see that booking directly on your website provides the most competitive price, straight away, without the need to redeem any codes.

récompensez vos futurs invités

Reward your future guests

Incentivise direct bookings by activating the « Welcome Gift » option and enhance the offer over the other options by offering a free gift for direct bookings.

Comparer les OTA

Real comparison between OTAs

Offer your customers a real-time comparison between the direct booking fare and the OTA fares during the purchase process, all integrated in our online price comparator.

Choisir les OTA qui seront affichées

Choose who to compare prices with

You can easily choose which channels you want to display your tariffs in the comparator, the tariffs will be displayed in real time.

activer le comparateur moteur de réservation

Activate it with one click

The price comparator is integrated into Avirato, so it’s as easy as one click to activate it and quickly configure the options in the PMS.

Améliorez l'expérience de vos clients

Enhances the user experience

Designed to be integrated into the multi-platform interface of the Booking Engine as an additional element, enhancing the navigability of the website and improving the user experience.

Allow your customers to compare prices and always offer the best rate.

Don’t have the Avirato Booking Engine yet? Check out all the benefits. If you already have it, follow these simple instructions to activate the Price Comparator. We make this tool available to you free of charge to help you boost your direct bookings.