A Booking engine that works by the Hour

Microstays are the talk of the town. They might have come from a sleazy background, or at least with that reputation, but they’re now the most on-trend type of stay in the hotel world. If you want your hotel to be at the forefront of change, you need to provide for microstays.

In this article, we’ll look at what microstays actually are, what the benefits of providing them are for your business, and how you can capture these benefits by using a top-class booking engine for hotels.

Maximise time and space. Hotel rooms are often empty for long hours during the days or between bookings. Why not make the most of this lost time and space and rent it out?

What is a micro-stay?

A micro-stay (yes, it’s so on-trend people haven’t yet decided on a definitive spelling) is a stay at a hotel that lasts less than the traditional nightly timeframe. In the modern world of hoteliering, you need to provide bookings by the hour

What was once a very niche offering is now spreading around the world. People want somewhere to go on their days out to rest, somewhere to go while they wait and prepare for meetings, somewhere to go to simply enjoy the facilities offered. And microstays cater to this. Think of them as a daycation.

What are the benefits of providing for microstays?

When you meet demand, there are always benefits. 

Maximise time and space. Hotel rooms are often empty for long hours during the days or between bookings. Why not make the most of this lost time and space and rent it out? It exploits what already exists and lets you sell the same space twice (or even more times) across the same day.

Make things easier for customers. It’s a need that customers have, as we looked at above, so providing for this need and marketing that you do so makes things easier for them. As it’s a somewhat new and growing hotel offering, potential guests might not even have known it was part of your offering.

Beat the competition. Again, being a somewhat new and growing offering, not many hotels provide for microstays yet. By doing so, you can beat the competition.

Maximise revenue. Of course, all of this equates to more revenue. Maximising space, happy customers and beating the competition all results in more revenue and profit.

So, how do you change things up and start offering microstays? What you need is a booking engine for hotels that works by the hour. An hourly hotel booking engine makes things easier for guests, meaning they don’t have to make special requests. You’d be surprised at how few hotels actually offer this. 

A booking engine that works by the hour

In today’s hotel world, the best booking engines have to cater for micro-stays. As we saw above, an hourly hotel booking engine can maximise your revenue no end.

Avirato’s booking engine does exactly that. The new hourly booking option appears in the same place as the engine’s date selection bar, and each day automatically loads the hourly packages available. It’s attractive, simple and makes things easier for customers.

From now on, start monetising your accommodation by the hour and increase your bookings.

And there’s more…

The best booking engines will do much more than provide for microstays. And, you guessed it, Avirato’s booking engine also goes the extra mile.

It’s attractive, helping professionalise your business and building trust with potential guests. It’s easy-to-use, both for you and your customers, saving effort, mix-ups, confusion and risk of non-conversion. It’s integrated, across the whole Avirato PMS software and technology solutions. It’s adaptable, allowing you to highlight and target promotions, emphasise urgency and scarcity, set limitations – you name it, we can solve it. It’s also versatile, with seamless mobile-friendly, desktop and tablet functioning. And, on top of it all, it’s secure, being PCI and GDPR compliant and having an HTTPS safe URL.

This all results in not just more bookings for your hotel, but more direct booking. If you know anything about the hotel business, you’ll know that cracking the code of how to increase direct bookings is one of the keys to success. Having your own engine will cut out third-parties and resultantly increase your share of the profits. 

Moreover, if you’re looking for a free hotel booking engine, with Avirato’s PMS software you have a free hotel booking engine included in the 30-days trial. This means you can trial the hourly system, while also revolutionising hotel management in all parts of your hotel: we offer a channel manager, revenue management, cross-selling and upselling tools, and more, all integrated in one software.

Take your hotel business to the next level with Avirato.

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