How to Successfully Manage Your Hotel Invoicing

Hotels can throw up all sorts of surprises. They can take bookings of all kinds. They might have unexpected damages or extra add-ons. They need, most importantly, to be able to efficiently track, handle, record and analyse these events in their invoices.

Managing hotel invoices well is essential to working efficiently and saving time and money, but knowing how to manage hotel invoicing successfully is another matter entirely.

In this article, we’ll look at what invoicing entails for hotels, how to manage hotel invoicing successfully, how hotel billing software can help you do so, and, more specifically, how Avirato’s hotel PMS software can do all this and more.

What does hotel invoicing involve?

Hotel invoicing involves all billing activities related to reservations, whether that be  room bookings themselves, amenity use in restaurants or gyms, or even contact with suppliers. Often things can get tricky and you’ll need to create invoices that are out of the norm.

But that’s no issue. If you’re needing to take your invoicing to the next level, all you need is hotel invoicing software. So, which hotel invoicing software to choose?  You’ll be wanting the best hotel invoicing software, of course. Or, in other words, you’ll be wanting to use Avirato’s.

Features of Avirato’s invoicing software

Avirato’s hotel management technology is market-leading, and with good reason: with our hotel invoicing software you have top-class features and unrivalled customisation.

Integration. You don’t need to use additional software to manage your invoicing with Avirato. With our invoicing system, everything is integrated into the hotel PMS software, meaning you can manage the rest of your hotel at the same time as managing hotel invoices. Everything together, integrated, with real-time connectivity.

Appearance customisation. You can customise everything to create a personal and professional touch to your invoices. From images in the background of your invoice to including your logos, from adding invoice numbering, additional text and custom margins, to customising the type of money to be used in each invoice – everything.

Creation, editing, and capabilities. You can create various invoices for the same booking, choose and change who to invoice, add additional information related to the invoice (or otherwise), add and remove additional extras, and change and delete invoices as needed. No request is now too much, you can do it all.

Ease-of-use. Configuring your invoices to your needs is simple. Not only is it intuitive to use and attractive, Avirato has extensive support available for any help you might need, with videos, manuals, guides, and a support team. Need to configure your specific tax needs? Our software allows you to select and add them when generating invoices and charges. Need a simple search function for managing your record of invoices? With Avirato’s software, you can search by invoice number, customer identity number, by guest name, the amount, and the type of room. Stress-free.

Detailed analysis. And hotel billing software doesn’t involve just issuing invoices – you can analyse what you're doing well, when you’re doing it well, and where you can improve too. This is essential for a growing and successful hotel business. Avirato’s software provides detailed reports for you to do just that. Plus, you can export and print them direct from the programme.


Managing hotel invoices well is essential to working efficiently and saving time and money,

Advantages of Avirato’s hotel invoicing software

The advantages of having the best hotel invoicing software around are abundant.

Improved client retention and satisfaction? Check that off the list. Our software makes it easy for you to edit, delete and create anything to do with invoicing, meaning it’s also easier for guests to customise their experience. Satisfied guests generate loyalty, and you’ll reviews and income will thank you for it.

Versatility? Check that off the list too. All our software works across devices and systems. It’s mobile, tablet and desktop friendly, and has versions for Mac, Windows and Linux. Whichever way you like to work (or for that matter, your guests like to work – this feature is true across our software), we have it covered. Moreover, we have Google’s voice assistant set up for our PMS system, adding to the ease of use.

Save effort, time and money? Yes, yes, and yes to that. Simplify and automate processes to save you on the essentials and maximise your returns. That’s the aim, and that’s exactly what it does. When things are more efficient, things work more smoothly, and you reap the works in revenue and more time to spend on other areas. Managing hotel invoicing is made easy with Avirato, and the results speak for themselves. Avirato is market-leading.

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